Road Trailers
We also rent equipment to fulfill your
transportation needs. Our well
maintained, registered road trailers are
a low cost way of ensuring your fleet
can keep up with the demands of your
business. We carry registered road vans
ranging from 28'- 45' and flatbed
trailers ranging from 40'- 45'.  We have
a large fleet of equipment readily
available to fulfill your needs and
flexible pricing options so you can rent
them daily, weekly, or monthly.

Rental Rates

                                       Daily                        Weekly                        Monthly

28' Road Van-                       $14.00                      $70.00                           $250.00

45' Road Van-                       $20.00                      $100.00                           $350.00

40'-45' Flatbed Trailer         $20.00                      $100.00                           $350.00

45' Drop-frame Flat             $25.00                      $125.00                         $400.00

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